SHANGHAI JOBBETTER PLASTIC MACHINERY CO., LTD, an active, creative, high-tech and private-own stock company, is specialized in manufacturing extrusion lines for plastic plate, sheet amd casting film products and all kinds of rolls. It is located at the third zone of VW Industrial Park and close to the F1 International Racing Field with an area of 10,000 square meters.

Established for twelve years, we have reached high achievement with hard work of all stuffs. We annually manufacture more than 70 sets of fine quality extrusion lines, which are used for PET sheets, PP/PS sucking sheets. PP/PE stationery sheet, PVC plate, PC optical sheet, ABS/PS refrigerator, washing machine board, PC/PMMA plate, PP/PVC chemical plate, PVC decoration plate, PVC foam plate, PC/PP hollow profile plate, PVC/PE water drainage sheets, wood plastic plate, CPP/CPE casting film, etc. We also supply all kinds of extrusion parts such as three roll calendar, extruder, mirror roll, embossed roll, sand roll, screw&barrel and so on. 60% of our equipment has been exported to USA, Europe, Middle East, South America, South-east Asia, etc.

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